More Than Our Diagnosis

We are an army a thousand strong,
we will learn to overcome.

We are the living dead,
born to see the world
for what it really is.

But we can be more
than our diagnosis,
this is not our
final prognosis.

This doesn’t have to be
our final breath,
depression is only a guest.
I won’t let this end in our deaths’.

For we are an army
a thousand strong,
know together
we can overcome.

I wrote this 5 years ago and was the inspiration for the name of this blog.

It was one of the first poems I ever wrote that was so defiant in recovery and the realisation that I am more than my diagnosis/label.

I wrote it to talk to everyone suffering with a mental illness. A reminder we’re stronger than most. That we’re an army who can beat our illnesses.

It was inspired from the song So Beautiful by Superchick.