Hello, I’m Erin. 25 years old. I am a time to change champion. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder (EUPD). I am a recovering self Injurer and a poet, I’ve been writing poetry consistently since I was 18 which is when my bipolar symptoms became very apparent and when I first started to fully self harm.

I have had a poetry blog for a bit now but wanted to branch out. I created this blog because I was studying Psychology with a criminal specialisation when I got diagnosed in the final year. I was told if I were to be referred and get diagnosed my outlook for a career in psychology might me diminished.

I would like to use what i’ve learnt at University/through living with these disorders to try to break down stigma. Provide knowledge about the disorders breaking down myths and stereotypes. To provide tips for those recovering from self injury and other such conditions. I in general want to try to make this a positive and friendly recovery blog with an educational side too for those who stumble upon this blog looking for ways to understand/help a loved one.